She cried a million tears
While cuddling the darkness with all her fears.
Searching for strong wall where she could lean
When life at her becomes mean.
It took away her might
Not leaving any light.
Where do you think she will go,
When no one was there to show?
She fought her own battle
And picked up the hardest paddle.
Hitting the stones into pieces
Which left her nothing but scratches.
She might have been wounded
But deserves to be lauded.
She clears her own path
Not uttering any wrath.
She blames no one of her fate
When there’s choice for her to create.
A happiness of her own
Or a whirlpool of mourn.
She chooses to move forward
There’s no reason to call her coward.
She ties up her own shoe lace
With great pride on her face.
Watch her walk gracefully
As she smiles so proudly.
What is there to ponder
When the voice within gets louder?
You can’t stop her desire
Though you played the best lyre.
She has passion within
And her aim is to win.


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