Passion turned into commitment.

“I believe that our talents are not only for our own consumption. They are meant to be nurtured and shared.”

I am one of the many who battled fear of being alone in search for a greener pasture, leaving my family behind and traveled miles away hoping to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the year 2015, I flew to Singapore carrying a small luggage and a huge dream in my heart. Little did I know that I will also discover a talent that became a passion and now I am embracing it as a commitment.

I came across a Facebook group in the year 2018 where there is an interaction between domestic workers, employers and agencies. I involved myself through sharing advices on different posts especially topics about working condition issues. While in this group, I began to ponder more about how can I be of help with others especially my fellow migrants. Unfortunately, I had to step down being one of the moderators due to emotional imbalance because of loosing my father.

On that same year, I was introduced into a non-profit organization that educates domestic workers on money management and personal growth. I enrolled myself in their different courses and found it very interesting. It was the beginning of greater self discovery.

While I am involved with Uplifters, I came to know about Migrant Writers of Singapore, a platform where Literature enthusiasts meet. I found myself getting inclined to expressing my thoughts almost everyday through Poetry. I never imagined myself getting hooked into playing words and learning about metaphors. It brought me into a different dimension where alphabets are powerful tool of self expression.

Throughout this journey of stepping into different platforms with different advocacies, I settled into a thought of wanting to create a change, to be the change and bring an impact into the lives of my fellow women.

I realized that in our life, we need to be flexible of changes. Do not settle comfortably into something that you thought will last a lifetime. There’s nothing permanent in this world than change. We have to adapt to every situation or any circumstances rather than resisting that sometimes may cause us more pain.

I was silently living my life few years ago, focusing only on how I could earn and save more to be able to go back home with my family. It was only about myself and my dreams.

But life has its own way of twisting things and here I am, letting a little of my privacy be invaded because of embracing a strong call to be a motivator, to make use of my voice and of my knowledge and wisdom. I didn’t search for my life’s purpose, instead I lived my life according to situations that came along until I realized that I am already creating changes.

Wherever this road may lead me, one thing is for sure, the happiness I feel in everything I am doing is satisfying and enough reason for me not to quickly give up in any adversaries. My talent is no longer just a passion but a commitment that keeps me going.

Please watch out for my next blog because I will be sharing more about my Uplifters journey and how I became involved in the Migrant Writers of Singapore.

Photos attached is credited to Erma Stefany.


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