Meet Mayet Adducul, a mother, domestic worker and a volunteer to a migrants’ group.

Mayet Adducul is 37 years old from the City of Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley Philippines. She is a domestic helper in Singapore for almost 16 years.

Please read this written interview I made to reveal her strength as a woman, a mother and a Volunteer.

What is Motherhood for you?

-Motherhood is about sacrifices, protecting your children in any way you can, teaching them right and correcting them when they are wrong, giving them warmth and most of all loving them unconditionally.

What is your struggle raising your child/children?

-I became a mother when I was 19. My struggle about raising my child is when I needed to be with him in his most difficult times but my only way to give him advices is through online and video calls and it pains me looking at him having those moments without my presence. As a mother I don’t want to see my children hurt.

What is the most difficult decision you made as a mother?

-It was choosing a work away from my son. Working abroad for me is really difficult. Just the mere fact that my son will be away from me and I will not be with him for a long time is like taking away my happiness. Every sacrifice is nothing for me because I can do everything for my son.

What was your greatest pain as a mother and how did you backed up?

-The lost of my daughter. She died when she was 1 year old. I didn’t know how to stand up and fight again back then. It was really hard for me to move forward. For me, my children are my everything. I just realized one day that I still have son for me to move on and to lean on. That’s why I am here now and more stronger.

I am now a better version of me. Stronger, happy and contented. Though I still miss my daughter. I always think she’s in a better place with God, without pain, without struggles and peaceful. I am in my better version. I am happy with my family and most specially with my son.

Mayet and her son Mark Anthony

How did you get involve in volunteering and what did you learn from it?

I, together with my friends planned to build a group which is now the

We aim to help all migrant workers who really are in need.
We distribute many items like groceries ( coffee,Milo,sugar, biscuits and toiletries) some fruits and other kinds of foods. We are also distributing masks for all migrant workers specially to those residing in dormitories.
With the help of our TWC2 sponsors we are able to do it.

I am commited to this kind of activities because I am happy to help. The feeling of fulfilment by helping is really the best thing. From the saying that, “The more you give the more you receive”, well it is not always like that but it is much better to give help than to recieve. It is really a fulfilment for me. I am always happy to help together with my group.
Volunteering is an experience that stays with you forever.

Photos of their activities:

Yours truly receiving my prize from their group’s Story Writing Competition

What is your dream?
-It is to build our dream house.I will be the happiest when my son graduates in College and for him to fulfill his dreams too.

What is life for you? -Life for me is to inspire, to love, to live, to laugh ,to fail and rise, to teach and learn, life is ups and down. Life is everything.

Check this Facebook page and group to know more of the activities that Mayet and her group is doing:

Thankyou for reading!


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