Being a woman, we are often associated with flowers because of our fragility in the eyes of the society.
Some of us still lives in the era where women should be submissive and they do not have the right to decide for themselves.
The worst thing is to be treated as a commodity, a payment for an unpaid debt, no freedom to choose who to marry, believed to be destined to only be serving at home and she has no right even to speak for herself.

There are different forms of bias happening around and some of us choose to close our eyes but many are already awakened that this should come to an end.
Women should have equal rights as that of the opposite gender. Femininity shouldn’t be the basis of anyone’s capability because in some situations, what men can do, women can do it a lot better.

As a woman, you should be aware of your own value. You have an equal space into the land you’re stepping in. The empowerment begins when you made yourself aware of your right to live without being shackled.
It may sound difficult and challenging but look around, there are many women who broke the chain of inequality among themselves. It starts within yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs and setting a path that you want to travel without the fear of being held up and silenced.

The moment you arm yourself with enormous amount of courage to face life and it’s people, curtains will start unveiling the sceneries being hidden from the fear held up for a long time.
You are wondrously made. No one shall tell you when to smile and not. No one shall control you when to bloom regardless of what the weather it may be. Own your body, your mind, your heart and most of all, the right to decide for yourself.
Have the freedom to fail while growing and learning from it in the process.
Remember that flowers are representation of beauty, strength and continuous cycle of life, be one of those who exhibit this characteristics and make this world a safe garden to blossom.


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