The Language of My Heart

β€œLet life’s symphony reveals the unpublished mystery and the riveting story of who I am..” A precious smile captured during the Launch and Book Signing of my poetry book Language of My Heart. It all began with the desire to better express myself during the times that I couldn’t find words to communicate verbally. Speaking... Continue Reading →


Being a woman, we are often associated with flowers because of our fragility in the eyes of the society.Some of us still lives in the era where women should be submissive and they do not have the right to decide for themselves.The worst thing is to be treated as a commodity, a payment for an... Continue Reading →

One in a Million Woman

"The moment I became a mom, the words Love, Protect and Support rolled into one word, Sacrifice and that is Motherhood to me.It is not about myself anymore, my child/ my children are the 1st in line already. I don’t know if it’s only me, but you know what, being a mom is like sleeping... Continue Reading →

“I Feel Guilty!”

If the sky would speak and tell us how much tears it has witnessed from the plane passengers who left their country in hope of finding a greener pasture, perhaps it will run out of figures to describe the number that passed through its bossom. Travelers have their own different purposes of crossing borders and... Continue Reading →

Passion turned into commitment.

"I believe that our talents are not only for our own consumption. They are meant to be nurtured and shared." I am one of the many who battled fear of being alone in search for a greener pasture, leaving my family behind and traveled miles away hoping to find a pot of gold at the... Continue Reading →


She cried a million tears While cuddling the darkness with all her fears. Searching for strong wall where she could lean When life at her becomes mean. It took away her might Not leaving any light. Where do you think she will go, When no one was there to show? She fought her own battle... Continue Reading →

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